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IPSEM Squared is a boutique sports and events agency with an Asian footprint and a Global focus.

With a target focus on Brands, Right Holders, Venues, Local Authorities, Suppliers, Sports Federations and Investors, we seek to grow the business through opportunities arising in Asia, USA, Middle East, Brazil, Mexico and Europe.

We focus on Commercial, Marketing Services, Event Delivery (Operations) and Support Services.

How do we do it?

We focus on better outcomes for our clients in the sports and entertainment industries by leveraging our world-leading experience, intimate knowledge and established relationships to maximise the success of your events globally. We do this through the provision of unexpected revenue generation, marketing and world-class event operations services

What makes IPSEM different?

Our focus is on Tier 2/3 events who will gain the benefit of our Tier 1 event experience. This, combined with using our global network to service clients and our strong foothold in Asia allow us to operate with limited overheads, deploy globally at scale, all the while offering unique products that larger competitors cannot.

Commercial Expertise

Our clients already enjoy the services IPSEM Squared provides in broadcast and commercial or sponsorship management operations .

This is enhanced through the provision of value-added activities of marketing services and commercial consultation looking at strategy, creative concepts, content, digital activities and rights management.

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Commercial Expertise from Ipsem Squared

Event Delivery

IPSEM Squared can provide the strategic, structural and planning support to bidding organisations, organising committees and cities or regions considering hosting events.

Using a simple engagement process, we provide functional support for all event areas to reduce your costs and risks.

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Event delivery from Ipsem Squared

Support Services

We provide specific and unique skillsets in core areas including staffing services, recruitment, project management and procurement support to allow you to focus on your key activities.

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Support services  from Ipsem Squared

Why we're better

By creating collaborative partnerships with our clients, we provide real, measurable & tangible benefits to our customers. Our approach is focused on ensuring the highest quality strategic thinking, service delivery and management.

Increased capacity
Increased capacity
We provide additional strategic and operational capacity to your team to remove bottlenecks
Reduced Spend
Reduced spend
We reduce your budget spend through effective procurement and simplicity of delivery
Operational focus
Operational focus
We free up the time available to your management team so they can focus on the business & the future
Budget Management
Budget management
We can help you achieve greater certainty over your budgets and how they are used
Reduced Risk
Reduced risk
We can reduce the level of risk that your team encounters,  resulting in improved operational delivery
Quality Focus
Quality focus
Our service allows your management team to focus on the quality of the product
Revenue Focus
Revenue focus
Our approach will enable you to focus on your revenue streams and allow you to drive greater profitability.
Staff management
Staff management
Our approach will improve the experience of your staff and thus generate greater productivity
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