Excellence in sports, excellence in marketing: matching your high performance on every front.

We believe in the power of marketing to transform your sports event, sponsorship, or brand into a resounding success. Our holistic approach to marketing, backed by a dedicated team of experts, ensures we deliver strategies designed to engage, captivate, and inspire.

We can help you through the marketing life cycle; measuring its effectiveness to tailor your approach to deliver the best outcomes.

Marketing Services from Ipsem Squared
Marketing Strategy & Consulting

We collaborate with you to forge effective marketing strategies and creative concepts, tailored to your unique goals and audience, enhancing your brand's performance, regardless of event scale.

Marketing Technology
Creative & Design Services

Utilising cutting-edge digital marketing technology, we ensure your content reaches the right audience at the right time, creating engaging experiences that resonate and convert.

Commercial Consultation
Digital Development

We craft and manage digital platforms that boost awareness, generate revenue, and cultivate engaged communities. No matter the event's size, we ensure your digital presence stands out.

Commercial & Marketing operations
Social Media & Communications

We develop and execute social media and communication activities, using our knowledge of diverse markets to select the most effective channels, enhancing your global reach and engagement.

Broadcast & Production
Digital Marketing Support

Connecting some of the world’s biggest brands with rights holders that seek valuable and commercially attractive relationships. We deliver alignment with major events and marketing platforms, while also delivering in-house expertise.

Our Process:

We conduct a thorough assessment of your capabilities and goals, creating a world-class strategy, and executing it at scale. Though each client has unique needs, our marketing services are distinguished by four key components:

Omnichannel Approach
We leverage each channel simultaneously to drive fan engagement and ultimately increase sales, brand awareness and engagement according to your requirements.
Martech Strategy
We harness the latest in marketing technology to drive targeting, reach and engagement with your fans, customers and brands with the right message, at the right time and on the right platform.
Relentless Focus
We consistently analyse, test and adapt campaigns using data to ensure the best approach with your fans, customers and prospects at every stage of the marketing lifecycle.
Specialist Delivery
We use award-winning subject matter experts to deliver your campaigns, events & content at scale,  

"IPSEM Squared worked with EPG on the start-up of a major project in the Middle East. Their attention to detail, methodical approach and ability to proactively manage our team of consultants through large scale and complex project initiation was a critical factor for our project’s success."

The Event Planning Group

“IPSEM Squared’s overall performance was assured, engaging, reliable, and professional and I am happy to recommend their services.” 


Global Horse Race Event

Client Servicing & Olympic Marketing case Study
The Challenge

Launch a brand new Middle Eastern horse race event with a suitable marketing and delivery plan to drive awareness, ticket sales and set the foundations for becoming a Group 1 race.


An omnichannel, multiplatform strategy focused on a multi-continent approach and 6languages was developed, leveraging local infrastructure and partner to drive ticket sales, while digital marketing campaigns were designed to drive global brand awareness both in equestrian and lifestyle sectors.


Initial launch had a reach of over 30 million people across TV, print and digital. First week activity resulted in a massive increase in impressions across social and a commensurate increase in engagement.​

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