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Providing the right knowledge and expertise to support your operational and event delivery.

There are a number of common activities that need to be done well by all businesses in order to be successful. Using our global expertise, we can provide the right level of support that allows your business to harmonise operations, manage the time demand peaks in specific areas, reduce both your risk levels and costs plus allow you and your team to focus on delivering the highest quality outcomes.

We offer multiple areas of support.

Functional Expertise
Procurement Support

Procurement activities present considerable financial and operational risks. Our extensive domain expertise can help you scope your needs accurately, help you with vendor identification and submission reviews as well as support you through the contracting process to avoid costly future contract changes.

Project Management
Staffing Services

We help your operational teams identify their customers, service levels, key outputs and milestones to ensure a successful delivery. Then, by tracking progress, we can help your teams understand their progress, risks and issues, and actions required to resolve these.

Event Integration
Project Management

Using robust project management structures we can enhance your team’s cooperation, coordination and synchronisation; managing they key risks, issues and stakeholders.  This allows your team to perform like a finely-tuned orchestra, all different elements working in harmony to deliver an outstanding result.

Event Assurance

Our experienced team can source the best staff in any location allowing you focus on your core operations. This will reduce the pressure on your staff to resolve recruitment challenges; reduce your costs by limiting staff turnover and bring peace-of-mind to you, your team and your event.

Event Staffing Solutions

Getting the planning and delivery of your staffing requirements right is an essential part of enhancing your organisation’s delivery. IPSEM Squared can you help you define, plan and delivery for each stage of the staffing lifecycle to minimise costs and turnover while ensuring you provide the optimal level of service.

"IPSEM Squared worked with EPG on the start-up of a major project in the Middle East. Their attention to detail, methodical approach and ability to proactively manage our team of consultants through large scale and complex project initiation was a critical factor for our project’s success."

The Event Planning Group

“IPSEM Squared’s overall performance was assured, engaging, reliable, and professional and I am happy to recommend their services.” 


Major Event Agency

Major Sports Marketing Agency Case Study
The Challenge

A working operational and staffing model was required to ensure the agency could deliver more effectively and efficiently across its business. They needed a new operational and staffing model which could be rolled out across multiple countries.  They wanted to very quickly understand how it could be achieved, the risks involved and what opportunities it would create along with the staffing model required to deliver it plus the cost to implement.


A series of workshops were held to determine service levels and the organisations operational parameters. The findings were used to develop and inform the new operating model, identifying staffing needs and profiles, along with understanding the cost implications of delivering this new business model.


The new model was received well and has been successfully implemented.  It provided an excellent quality of service which has been recognised by the sport’s governing body. The model has proved to be flexible and workable, being able to meet the ever-changing demands of the business's operations during a global pandemic.  Its efficiency has also driven down overall operational costs and has provided greater flexibility for planning for future events.

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