How better candidate engagement can improve your recruitment

How better candidate engagement can improve your recruitment

One of the key elements of the hiring process is generating interest in companies, brands, and the open roles and positions that need to be filled. The Future of Recruiting Study from careerarc recently found that "82% of respondents consider company brand and reputation before applying to a job - a 7% rise in the prior five years."

Candidate interaction encourages partnerships and trust. The traditional means of keeping in touch are no longer effective because many firms receive thousands of applications for each position, but that doesn't mean you can't keep your candidates interested. In this blog, we’ll explore what it takes to foster high candidate engagement and how you can leverage modern technology to attract candidates, as well as the qualities that candidates demand from you.

1. Make your workplace, roles, and culture exciting

You can improve your brand even before someone becomes an applicant, giving new connections a better start. In order to convince applicants to choose your company over others, you must provide them with the information they need on why they should do so. The career pages of your website and your social media posts should demonstrate how much your current employees enjoy working for your organisation. This shows your commitment to staff welfare, how working with your company can provide fulfillment, and the benefits they will receive. Videos, virtual reality, live feeds, and online mixers with your employees can help to allay any concerns and provide them with a realistic preview of what it’s like to be part of your company.

2. Maintain transparency and a clear timeline

Use automated emails to communicate with candidates while maintaining transparency. Place them into separate groups of those who are advancing to the next round and those who are not. Automated emails for each group then save time on contacting everyone individually whilst keeping everyone informed as to whether or not they are still being considered for the position.

3. Treat every qualified candidate the same way you would treat a valuable customer

Every qualified applicant is a potential future employee and a possible referrer for other openings you may have in the future. If someone is not a good fit for the current role, that doesn't mean that will be the case for future roles. Even if they don't qualify for the current position, they may know a number of excellent candidates for other positions. The long-term advantages can be felt for many years if candidates are treated in a way that makes them feel appreciated.

82% of respondents consider company brand and reputation before applying to a job

4. Personalize and be personable

Make interactions with your website, business, and social media profiles as human and personalised as possible to encourage responses. When making a cold approach to a candidate, you should take the time to personalise your message and make them feel like you’re writing only to them. Use their name when communicating with them on social media and consider how you may help them. Ensure all your candidate follow-up emails and newsletter subscriptions are personalised. If candidates create an account on your careers page, have the site worded to say, “Welcome back CandidateName” each time the person returns, “here’s the career information we think would be most valuable to you today”.

5. Gather feedback

Develop a short questionnaire that you can send to candidates to show that you value their feedback. This will continue your engagement with them while gaining their insights about your hiring process. This can help you streamline your procedures, providing a better candidate experience in the future and attracting higher quality talent. Most candidates find it helpful to understand the reasons their application was unsuccessful. This may benefit you as well should they apply for positions with your organisation in the future. 

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