Providing staffing and operational support across Asia

Providing staffing and operational support across Asia

For the past two years IPSEM Squared has been providing services to Football Marketing Asia (FMA) to ensure that all at-venue sponsor commitments were delivered and to coordinate the delivery of the broadcast production and signal by the Host Broadcaster. This included the sourcing and providing of event specialists in marketing services and broadcast management. For some matches, IPSEM Squared also oversaw the operational delivery of these activities.

The remit of matches included the Asian qualifiers for the current FIFA World Cup being hosted in Qatar, the Women’s Asian Cup, Asian Champions League, AFC Cup, and the Asian U23 Championships. Geographically, the matches were held in a region running from Turkmenistan in the west to Japan in the East and down to Australia.

Our Australian team during the Asian Qualifiers for the World Cup

The advantages of using IPSEM Squared in this way include:

  • accessing contractors at local rates
  • reduction in travel spend
  • reduction in staff fatigue due to less travelling
  • provision of local language skills (even where English is the agreed common language)
  • an understanding of how to navigate the local business environment.
1,000 days of staff effort each year .  .  .  .  .  

To provide these services, IPSEM Squared developed a pool of almost 100 freelance contractors spread across the region. We reviewed nearly 1,000 candidates in 2020 with on-going activity in 2021 & 2022 as requirements were refined and we managed attrition from the original pool.

We conducted interviews and contracted those who were most suitable for the roles. We then coordinated their attendance at FMA’s training and managed the logistics of service provision such as confirming dates, travel, accommodation and fee payments to freelancers.

The figures below show the extent of the activities we delivered over this period including over 1,000 days of staff effort each year.

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